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About Me

Rebekka Windt 

is a young songwriter from Mannheim, Germany. When she was ten years old she started writing her first songs and exploring her creativity. Soon she would realize that music was her personal key to self-expression

“My songs are as varied as my interests are. They can be about God, the world, people I meet, or just feelings I can’t contain.”

Musical Achievements

In 2020 a lot of things in her life changed and after many years of making music just for herself – you could call it a “musical diary” – she could no longer shake the feeling that she had to share her music with the world. Thus, she applied to „Bandsupport“, a support program financed by the Cultural Office of Mannheim and was deeply influenced and inspired by the coaching she received 

Two years in a row she competed with music videos of her own songs at the Girls-Go-Movie movie festival in Mannheim and now has published her first single as part of an upcoming debut album in cooperation with Anna Fraid, another upcoming artist from Mannheim.


A new WINDT is blowing through every street. You can hear it, but you don't know where it's coming from or where it's heading next. It wanders wherever it pleases. It can lift you up, make you dance, climb the walls and in the evening it might lull you to sleep. Its whisper transforms into a melody, the melody into a new song. Are you ready to let yourself be carried away?

Current Releases

“Her rich voice reflects and represents her unique circumstances and experiences.

Some songs are very dramatic, some melancholic, some passionate and others just happy.

The music is written by life and captured from a fascinating viewpoint”